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J&L Defer, "Johnny Dream"
Aldous RH, "Sensuality"
Juan Montalvo, "Sublime Mujer"
Knight Life, "Don't Stop"
Cloud Becomes Your Hand, "Hermit"
Ganjasufi, "Your Maker (Daddy G Remix)"
Café Tacvba, "Futuro"
Natalia Lafourcade, "Tú sí sabes quererme"
Little Jesus, "La Magia"
Zutzut, "Mareo"
Kaytandra, "Bus Ride"
Mtnbrd, "Shawts"
Com Truise, "Colorvision"
Public Memory, "Heir"
James SuperCave, "Body Monsters"
Enemies, "Bonopi"
Tycho, "Division"
Fred Falke, "Crepuscule"
Radiohead, "Day Dream"
Bruce Springsteen, “Streets of Philadelphia”
Motorhead, "Hawkwind"


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