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Blackbird Blackbird, "Polaris"
Lee Marvin, "I Was Born Under A Wondering Star"
Caural, "Camphor"
Dave Brubeck, "Take 5"
Fugazi, "Sweet N Low"
A Minor Forest, "Ed Is 50"
Boris, "Farewell"
Women, "Eyesore"
Pram, "Track Of The Cat"
Beck, "Tropicalia"
Submerse, "Fumes"
Jeff Parker, "Mannerisms"
Neu!, "Fu Immer"
Yes, "The Fish"
Blondes, "Wine"
Leapling, "Crooked"
90 Day Men, "Too Late Or Too Dead"
Devo, "Gut Feeling"
Aesop Rock, "ZZZ Top"


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