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Labyrinth Ear, "Dawns and Dusks"
Radiohead, "Lotus Flower"
Teebs, "Anchor Stream"
Trans Am, "The Dark Gift"
Beach House, "Zebra"
Belle and Sebastian, "Judy Is A Dick Slap"
Urinals, "Surfin The Shah"
Al Green, "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart"
Blackbird Blackbird, "Polaris"
Baroness, "Yellow Theme"
Dr. Dre, "Housewife"
Tortoise, "Glass Museum"
Edison, "Pigeon2"
Elliot Smith, "Kiwi Mad Dog 20/20"
Aerial M, "Lay"
The Beach Boys, "Pet Sounds"
Fourt Tet, "Unicorn"
Deerhoof, "Tiny Bubbles"
Mono/Poly, "Winds Of Change"
Man Man, "Tunneling Through The Guy"


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