Illinois City Cracks Down On Man Hosting 'Slumber Parties' For The Homeless

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Grove Avenue in Elgin, Ill. (David Wilson/Flickr)
Grove Avenue in Elgin, Ill. (David Wilson/Flickr)

The bitter cold that's swept much of the U.S. in recent weeks is starting to recede, but for people without shelter it's only a matter of time until life-threatening conditions return. Sub-zero temperatures in Elgin, Illinois, recently prompted Greg Schiller to turn his basement into a makeshift homeless shelter, setting up cots, sleeping bags and even a portable toilet outdoors.

Schiller had about a dozen people staying there each night, according to an anonymous caller who tipped off city officials, who shut down the operation last week.

Here & Now's Robin Young speaks with Schiller.

This segment aired on January 9, 2018.



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