March 5, 2018: Hour 2

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In hour two of Here & Now's March 5, 2018 full broadcast, we look at news out of Syira where a first aid convoy has just arrived to bring food and medical aid to rebel-controlled eastern Ghouta, which has been under siege for months. Also, President Trump has proposed raising the tariffs on steel by 25 percent and aluminum by 10 percent. How does the size and scope of these proposed tariffs compare to trade protections from the past? And, actor Helen Mirren stars in the new film "The Leisure Seeker" about a woman taking a last road trip with her husband who is succumbing to dementia. Mirren discuses the film and her career. You can read and hear more at, follow us on Twitter and join the conversation on Facebook and Tumblr.

This program aired on March 5, 2018.


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