May 1, 2018: Hour 2

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In hour two of Here & Now's May 1, 2018 full broadcast, we discuss a list of questions, first reported by The New York Times, that FBI special counsel Robert Mueller wants to ask President Trump about contacts with Russians during the 2016 election, and possible obstruction of justice by Trump. Also, author and Miami Herald columnist Carl Hiaasen dispenses his own brand of commencement speech advice in "Assume the Worst: The Graduation Speech You'll Never Hear." He joins us to talk about the book. And, a new livestream on YouTube gives listeners the chance to eavesdrop on whales and other sea creatures 3,000 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. We find out what researchers are discovering. You can read and hear more at, follow us on Twitter and join the conversation on Facebook and Tumblr.

This program aired on May 1, 2018.


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