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June 13, 2018: Hour 2

This article is more than 4 years old.

Chavie Weisberger grew up in an ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Community in Monsey, New York, where she raised her three children after her 2008 divorce. But as she began questioning her faith and her sexuality, her neighbors told the religious authorities there that she was allowing secular behavior in her home. Her estranged husband sued for custody and won. We speak with Weisberger and Lani Santo of Footsteps about transitioning to secular life. Also, a raccoon became a social media sensation after it scaled a tall building in broad daylight Tuesday in St. Paul, Minnesota. And, Cameroon's minority Anglophone community is protesting Francophone domination in their country, a conflict which has roots in the colonial era. We speak with a human rights lawyer and activist about the ongoing conflict. That and more, in hour two of Here & Now's June 13, 2018 full broadcast. You can read and hear more at, follow us on Twitter and join the conversation on Facebook and Tumblr.

This program aired on June 13, 2018.


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