August 9, 2018: Hour 2

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When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico last year, it destroyed homes, businesses and jobs, leaving a catastrophic environmental mess and fiscal crisis in its wake. Connecticut Public Radio's Diane Orson visited Puerto Rico and spoke with artists about how shifting financial priorities could affect the arts. Also, we hear from Wendy Adams, research grant director for the Bay Area Lyme Foundation, about her recent research that found Lyme disease-carrying ticks in 83 new counties across the country. And today at the Pentagon, Vice President Mike Pence laid out the Trump administration's plan to create the first new branch of the U.S. military in more than 70 years: a "Space Force." Space journalist and Alabama Public Radio news director Pat Duggins has the latest. That and more, in hour two of Here & Now's Aug. 9, 2018 full broadcast. You can read and hear more at, follow us on Twitter and join the conversation on Facebook.

This program aired on August 9, 2018.


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