September 12, 2018: Hour 2

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Democratic strategist Bill Press and Republican strategist Alice Stewart join us to discuss politics this week, including President Trump's claim that the federal response to Hurricane Maria last year was an "unsung success" even though nearly 3,000 people died. Also, Linda Kay Klein grew up a devout Evangelical Christian in the Midwest. She broke up with her high school boyfriend after being convinced the joy and excitement she felt around him made her impure and dirty. Here & Now's Robin Young talks with Klein about her book "Pure: Inside the Evangelical Movement That Shamed a Generation of Young Women and How I Broke Free." And the Navy has sent dozens of ships out to sea from its bases in Virginia to wait out Hurricane Florence. We hear from Navy Rear Adm. John Meier, sortie commander and commander of Carrier Strike Group 10, about storm preparations. That and more, in hour two of Here & Now's Sept. 12, 2018 full broadcast. You can read and hear more at, follow us on Twitter and join the conversation on Facebook.

This program aired on September 12, 2018.


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