900 Mayo Clinic Staff Test Positive As COVID-19 Cases Surge In Midwest

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With a week still to go in November, the country's already seen 3 million new cases of coronavirus this month. That's a quarter of all the people infected in this country, more than any month since the pandemic began.

The surge is putting a strain on hospitals in dozens of states, including Minnesota, where the seven-day case average topped 7,400 last week — the highest the state has seen.

Still, the news that more than 900 employees at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic —one of the world's top research and treatment centers — had tested positive for the coronavirus over two weeks in November, sent a chill through the medical community.

According to physicians like Mayo's occupational health specialist, Dr. Laura Breeher, it's a cautionary tale of rampant community spread. She joins host Peter O'Dowd to discuss the situation.

This segment aired on November 23, 2020.



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