Icelandic Philosopher Finds New Ways To Understand Climate Crisis In 'On Time And Water'

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Here & Now revisits a conversation with Icelandic philosopher, playwright, environmentalist and one-time presidential candidate Andre Snaer Magnason. His book "On Time and Water" has been released in English in the U.S.

The book weaves together his family's personal narrative, his country's history and our connections to the future to give people a personal way to understand — and care — about climate.

As he tells host Robin Young, it's key to be able to connect to a future where someone you love will be alive — a grandchild born in 2040, for example, could live beyond 2120. That's someone "they love, who they can touch." And that brings immediacy to data that are otherwise just numbers.

This segment aired on April 26, 2021.



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