'Letters To My White Male Friends' is a call to action and a reflection on race

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Man's hand drawing in a notebook. (Getty Images)
Man's hand drawing in a notebook. (Getty Images)

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We revisit a conversation Here & Now's Peter O'Dowd had with Dax-Devlon Ross about his book "Letters to My White Male Friends." It's an expansion on a letter he wrote after the murder of George Floyd when his white male friends were reaching out to him to see if he — a Black man — was doing all right as the pain and anger over racism and police brutality was erupting in protests across the country.

That letter ended up circulating far beyond Ross's circle of friends. In the book, Ross tells his own story and explores the ways racism harms white people, not just people of color, and that white Generation X men could be better allies in the fight for racial justice and a more equal society.

This segment aired on July 18, 2022.


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