An Introduction to Endless Thread from Host Ben Johnson

This article is more than 3 years old.

I'm writing to introduce to you to Endless Thread, a brand-new podcast from WBUR and Reddit, featuring stories that capture the internet's endless permutations of human potential.

Not familiar with Reddit? Dubbed the "front page of the internet," it has a massive presence with 330 million users worldwide. If you know it, you get the allure...but if you don't, well...that's where our podcast comes in.

Endless Thread gives a highly produced audio treatment to some of the best stories that WBUR has uncovered among Reddit's massive ecosystem. Every Friday, we'll take you on an unexpected journey, telling fascinating true tales with a thematic weekly approach.

Our debut episode is named for a subreddit called "no, no, No, NO! ....yes." It's all about near misses, and we feature two harrowing tales of things that looked very bad until they didn't for a guy who slipped on a rock and found himself nearly thrown over a waterfall, and a British Airways pilot who was nearly sucked out of a plane.

As WBUR's newest host and a longtime tech reporter (Marketplace Tech; Codebreaker), I'm excited to be doing this work. I've come to appreciate Reddit as a vibrant way to surface art, ideas and information. And if you're a WBUR fan of shows like This American Life, RadioLab or The Moth, I suspect you'll get a kick out of Endless Thread. I hope you'll give us a listen and subscribe to the podcast as we dive together into the endless threads of Reddit.

Special thanks to our launch sponsors, Wistia video hosting and ZipRecruiter.