How Your Voice Can Help Impact Election News Coverage

WBUR Seeks Input for Election 2020

In an effort to identify issues and stories that matter most to people — and report on them — WBUR's politics team has launched an effort seeking to bring the station's election coverage as close as possible to meeting the concerns of the voters it serves.

According to Senior Political Reporter Anthony Brooks, this means doubling down on what political journalists do best. Rather than just focusing on what the candidates are saying, on the pundits and the polls, WBUR intends to frame its reporting around the question: To what extent are the candidates responding to what people want?

To kick-off this effort, WBUR conducted an online survey of users and commissioned a poll. Learn more about how you can help impact WBUR's Election 2020 coverage, the WBUR Poll findings and other early insights shared on WBUR's Morning Edition here. Other ways to stay connected:


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