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Where To Follow Here & Now's Reporting on Brexit From London

Members of the Here & Now team—Jeremy Hobson (@jeremyhobson), Peter O'Dowd (@odowdpeter) and Alex Ashlock (@aashlock)—are in London this week, finding answers to the question looming over the U.K. and the EU as #Brexit continues to drag on — should I stay or should I go?

Here's a snapshot of Hobson's explainer on Brexit because despite the daily political drama, Brexit really does matter:

Since the Brexit referendum in 2016, Britain’s stock market is only up about 10% as many investors have stayed on the sidelines amid the uncertainty. In the same period, U.S. stocks are up more than 30% and French stocks are up more than 25%.

But for the U.K., a country that has a seat at the table for most of the world’s major decisions, Brexit is also about national identity and pride.

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@odowdpeter reported on how the political turmoil in the U.K. is choking Germany’s economy — as Brexit continues and global trade wars persist, the export-driven country has seen trade to the U.K. plummet.

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Last year, Hobson interviewed his grandmother for the first time. She told him that she didn't vote in the Brexit referendum, but it was clear that if she had, she'd have voted to leave.

Now, Margaret Hobson doesn’t think Brexit will happen. "We’re too involved now with Europe," she tells @jeremyhobson. She also says it’s more important to hear from the younger generation, whose lives would be affected more by Brexit than hers will.

Listen to the full segment.

Follow Here & Now's reporting on Brexit here. You can also follow the hosts and the show's twitter channel here: @hereandnow


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