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Find WBUR's 'Food, We Need To Talk' In Apple Podcasts' "Be A Better You" Collection

Screenshot of Apple Podcasts on an iPhone
Screenshot of Apple Podcasts on an iPhone

Launched on Monday, Dec. 23, 2019, the 'Food, We Need To Talk' podcast has found a featured place in Apple Podcasts' "Be A Better You" Collection!

The success of the podcast and the love it has received is a testament to the fact that our relationship with food desperately needs a reality check. "Food, We Need To Talk" does that sharing solid, straightforward science without forgetting the most important ingredient — a sense of humor!

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Carey Goldberg, Editor of CommonHealth, on the podcast:

Typical New Year's resolutions often sound like this: "I"m going to lose weight," or "I'm really going to exercise." They don't usually sound like this: "I resolve to get to a happier, healthier place with food."

But maybe they should. And happier, healthier eating is the promise of this new podcast!

Your lovable traveling companions: 24-year-old Juna Gjata, who's sick of her eternal fight to get thin, and Dr. Eddie Phillips, a leading lifestyle medicine physician who seeks to help her make peace with food (while still eating a healthy diet).

Dr. Phillips hosted WBUR's award-winning podcast on learning to like exercise, The Magic Pill. Listeners who found that their attitude toward exercise changed forever — from seeing it as a chore to relishing it as a gift and a joy — asked him to do something similar for food.

And now he has, joining Juna to explore topics ranging from the simplest nutrition principles to the complexities of what happens in your brain when you eat junk food.

Episodes come out every Monday! Imagine: a New Year's resolution you can fulfill just by listening to a podcast!

Listen to Food, We Need To Talk on Apple Podcasts today:


PLUS.. aren't Juna and Eddie just so adorable on Instagram!? Check them out here:

This article was originally published on January 03, 2020.


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