Alfred Russo

Assistant Chief Engineer

Alfred Russo is a Studio and Broadcast Systems Engineer at WBUR. He is responsible for building, maintaining and troubleshooting the audio production facilities here at WBUR, as well as ensuring continuity of the broadcast signals. He can frequently be found assisting staff members in their efforts to produce radio content.

Alfred started at WBUR in 2017, as the part time maintenance technician, and was promoted to his current role in June of 2018. Originally from New York, he earned a degree in Rhetoric, concentrating in Film & Media Studies, from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.

He got his start in radio there at the student-run station, WRBC — first as a DJ, and then quickly found himself rewiring the place as Technical Director.

Prior to ‘BUR, Alfred worked for the Forest Service as a Backcountry Ranger in Kentucky, and chased the Big Sky to Montana for a winter. He’s visited 37 states, many of which while traveling cross country in an old but quaint camper.

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