David Turner

David A. Turner was considered a suspect in the Gardner heist early on in the investigation. In 1992, two years after the heist, his fingerprints were sent to the FBI’s lab, along with those of several others, to determine if they could be found on items taken from the crime scene. The tests were inconclusive. Turner has denied repeatedly to reporters and in court that he had any knowledge of the heist, but he associated with known felons whose names had been tied to the crime including Robert Guarente, Carmello Merlino and Stephen Rossetti.

Turner, Merlino and Rossetti were convicted in the late 1990s — and sentenced to long prison terms — for conspiring to steal millions from the Loomis-Fargo vault outside of Boston, a scheme which had been arranged by federal authorities to gain information on the Gardner heist. Turner has steadfastly denied that he has cooperated with authorities in the Gardner case, but The Boston Globe reported in 2016 that federal officials shaved seven years off of his 38-year sentence, a reduction that puts his release in 2025.

-- Written by Stephen Kurkjian


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