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Ben Pollack

Ben Pollack directs television commercials and music videos now. In mid-July of 1991, when he met Brian McDevitt at the Writers Guild West, in Los Angeles, he was 19, just getting started in the business, and naïve. He was taken with McDevitt, who flattered him and asked to read his writing.

But within six months of meeting Brian McDevitt, Pollack would tell police, he’d grown so leery, he hired a private detective to dig into McDevitt’s story. He learned that nothing McDevitt had told him was true. Pollack confronted McDevitt. In turn, McDevitt began a campaign of harassment that went on for weeks, calling Pollack over and over — sometimes a hundred times or more in a day, just to hang up when he answered.

By April, 1992, McDevitt faced misdemeanor charges for harassing Pollack. Not long after, McDevitt reportedly left the country.

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