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Last Seen: Season 2 Teaser - An anthology of stories about things gone missing


WBUR’s Last Seen podcast is back.

Millions of listeners tuned into the first season of Last Seen to delve into the largest unsolved art heist in history.

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    Early next year, WBUR’s popular true-crime podcast returns, this time with a brand new anthology of stories about all kinds of things that have gone ... missing. Mysterious tales about people, places, ashes, planets, endangered species, feelings and much more, from our own backyard, to the outer edges of the solar system.

    Last Seen: Season 2 brings together a medley of diverse storytellers to bend the true-crime genre and explore the human soul through the things that aren't there. This collection is about what losing them means, why we keep searching, and whether or not they could — or even should — be found.

    Look for Season 2 in February 2022, and listen everywhere podcasts are found.

    Do you have a true tale about something that’s gone missing? We always want to hear from you. Email and sign up below for updates.

    Nora Saks Producer
    Nora Saks is a producer with WBUR's podcast team. 



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