Election Night Speeches

To listen to election night speeches made by Deval Patrick, Kerry Healey, Grace Ross and Christy Mihos, click the links below.

Deval Patrick: " We built the best grassroots organization that this commonwealth has ever seen."

Kerry Healey: "We are all grateful for the history that has been made here tonight. Barriers have been broken and we should all be extremely grateful for that."

Christy Mihos: "You decided to vote and to make a statement that politics as usual is no longer acceptable. We have opened the door for independents in this state and let the people know that we have also put the two party system on notice that we want the truth and we want open government."

Grace Ross: "You own your vote. You know what? This is our government and we need to step up and we need to reclaim it. And if you don't feel like anybody's talking to you, well then you go talk to them until they have to talk to you."

This program aired on November 7, 2006. The audio for this program is not available.


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