Some Reflections on Health Reform After Reading the Commonhealth Blog by Nancy Turnbull

(in Haiku format)

Health reform is hard.
Such a broken system.
We can’t fix it all.

Progress. Much to do.
Will we keep together
Or bring out old scripts?

Large deductibles.
A curb on demand. Or just
more debt to pay off.

Health plans with no drugs,
Wisely judged to be
Not creditable.

Creditable means
Praiseworthy, honorable.
How close have we come?

Can reform truly
Address lethal health divides:
Poverty and race.

Moral hazard, huh?
Who really can decipher

Well, we always knew
“affordability” is
The Achilles heel.

Ten brave people must
Judge what is “affordable.”
Keep Paris away.

Quality: great goal.
But will it curb costs?
I am agnostic.

Grey’s Anatomy,
Idol, or the Connector?
Hard pick for best show.

Will the public like
All the choices that are made?
We will see quite soon.

Months more of reform.
So little time each day.
Please, no new health blogs.Nancy Turnbull, Harvard School of Public Health

This program aired on March 29, 2007. The audio for this program is not available.

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