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A Horses Tale

This article is more than 11 years old.

Almost 200 years ago in Dedham, horses were gravely concerned, as were their owners. An epidemic of horse-thievery had beset the town.

So, in 1810, people there formed a posse of sorts: "The Society in Dedham for Apprehending Horse Thieves." survives to this day. In fact, the society recently held its annual dinner. But why would they even get together anymore because, of course, there are barely any horses left in Dedham to steal these days. Reporter Sean Cole went looking for answers.

Sean's story comes to us courtesy of "Weekend America," which airs on WBUR Saturdays at 2:00 pm. To see photos of some of the horses, and humans, in this story, click on the link below.

This program aired on December 13, 2007. The audio for this program is not available.

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