The Boston Globe:

For the Democrats: Barack Obama

Clinton has run a diligent, serious campaign, and her command of the issues is deep and reassuring. But her approach is needlessly defensive, a backward glance at the bruising political battles of the 1990s. Obama's candidacy looks forward.

For the Republicans: John McCain

The iconoclastic senator from Arizona has earned his reputation for straight talk by actually leveling with voters, even at significant political expense.

Des Moines Register:

Republican endorsement editorial: Why McCain

McCain is most ready to lead America in a complex and dangerous world and to rebuild trust at home and abroad by inspiring confidence in his leadership.

Democratic endorsement editorial: Why Clinton

The job requires a president who not only understands the changes needed to move the country forward but also possesses the discipline and skill to navigate the reality of the resistant Washington power structure to get things done.That candidate is New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

And Iraq War hawk and one-time Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman throws his support behind McCain:


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