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Swing State New Hampshire

This article is more than 11 years old.

Thirty years ago, when ex-New Hampshire Gov. Meldrim Thompson Jr. helped get "Live Free or Die" on state license plates, and helped usher in the “No Sales or Income Taxes” pledge, it would have been hard to find a more Republican red state than New Hampshire. But New Hampshire is solidly purple now. Follow WBUR's continuing coverage of Swing State New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Voters New and Turning 'Blue' (October 17, 2008) LISTEN (MP3)

A Carsey Institute study reveals a growing number of new voters in New Hampshire.OSSIPPEE, N.H. — New Hampshire is solidly "purple" now. According to a new study (PDF) from the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire, the state is taking on definite blue, or Democratic, tones.

The study reveals many of the old New Hampshire Republicans have simply died off, while many of the voters who replaced them — both new residents who have moved to New Hampshire and young people getting to vote for the first time — tilt Democratic.

Economy Sways New Hampshire Voters Toward Obama (October 17, 2008) LISTEN (MP3)

Barack Obama in Londonderry, N.H. (AP Photo)LONDONDERRY, N.H. — With less than three weeks before the general election, the latest polls in New Hampshire show Democrat Barack Obama leading Republican John McCain by double digits.

But Obama is warning his supporters not to get too "cocky." That's what he told a crowd here Thursday.

The rally was his first appearance since the final debate of the campaign. WBUR's Bianca Vazquez Toness reports on what voters had to say about the race at this point.

McCain Builds N.H. Base, Woos Clinton Defectors (October 16, 2008) LISTEN (MP3)

Lahout's, in Littleton, N.H., is the oldest ski shop in the country. McCain is campaigning hard for the state's four electoral votes. (Fred Thys/WBUR)DOVER, N.H. — New Hampshire is a crossroads of the presidential race this week. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama campaigns in Londonderry today. His running mate Joe Biden was there Monday.

And yesterday, Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin made her first appearance in the Granite State. She was drumming up support for the GOP presidential candidate, John McCain, who's now lagging in the New Hampshire polls.

WBUR's Fred Thys reports on how the Republican ticket is faring in a state that has supported McCain in the past.

Candidates Ramp Up Campaigns in New Hampshire (October 14, 2008) LISTEN (MP3)

With exactly three weeks until election day, the candidates are spending this week focusing on a key battleground state, New Hampshire. WBUR's Abigail Beshkin has details.

Heated Rematch for New Hampshire Senate Seat (September 24, 2008) LISTEN (MP3)

Republican N.H. Sen. John Sununu and former N.H. Democratic Gov. Jeanne Shaheen. (AP file photos)In New Hampshire, former Democratic Gov. Jeanne Shaheen is holding on to a slim lead in her attempt to take the seat of Republican Sen. John Sununu. It's a rematch of their contest six years ago.

A new poll by the University of New Hampshire finds 48 percent of voters favor Shaheen, while 44 percent support Sununu.

But the survey also reveals that many voters are yet to make up their minds. WBUR's Fred Thys takes a look at the race.

Bay Staters Head North to Sway Election (September 15, 2008) LISTEN (MP3)

New Hampshire has become the center of the presidential election once again. It's usually only in the dead of winter that presidential candidates visit the Granite state. But in this closely contested race, New Hampshire has become an important swing state.

On Friday and Saturday, Democrat Barack Obama visited three towns in Southern New Hampshire. Then it was Republican John McCain speaking before a NASCAR race in Loudon.

WBUR's Monica Brady-Myerov looks at efforts underway by Massachusetts Democrats and Republicans to sway the race north of the border.

Little New Hampshire Plays Big Role in Election (September 11, 2008) LISTEN (MP3)

Political Science Professor Dante Scala (Photo: N.H. Institute of Politics)In the run-up to the November election, the candidates are treading a well-worn path to New Hampshire. This year, the small state is playing a big role.

Dante Scala joins WBUR's Bob Oakes to talk about why Massachusetts' neighbor is in play now. Scala is a professor of Political Science at the University of New Hampshire.

This program aired on October 20, 2008. The audio for this program is not available.

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