Oil Prices Rise Slightly, But 2008 Economy Bleak

This article is more than 12 years old.

Stocks open higher as oil prices rise>> Wall Street took comfort from a rise in oil prices and headed toward a higher open Monday, though investors remained cautious as Israel continued its attack on Gaza for a third day. Oil rose above $40 a barrel Monday after the conflict between Israel and Gaza's Hamas rulers raised tensions in the Middle East. (NPR)

Kuwait backs out of Dow deal>> Dow Chemical had been planning a multibillion-dollar joint venture with Kuwait, but plummets in oil prices lead Kuwaitis to revoke their part of the deal. (Marketplace)

2008 Shaping Up To Be A Bleak Trading Year>> The year just ending is expected to show one of the biggest-ever stock market falls. With only three trading days left, the S&P 500 is down 41 percent. Economic reports this week are expected to bring more bleak news. (NPR)

Post-Holiday Sales Won't Fix Spending Doldrums>> Retailers were offering deep discounts over the weekend—trying to make up for the lackluster holiday shopping season. A spokesman for the National Retail Federation says the weekend after Christmas is becoming critical for the industry. (NPR)

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