Thursday Morning Roundup

This article is more than 12 years old.

Here's Thursday's dose of what the Senate campaigns are up to and how the media world is covering them.

A Game of Chicken

Matt Viser and Frank Phillips of the Boston Globe liken the Senate race to a game of chicken in an article that assesses the risks of Michael Capuano, Stephen Pagliuca or Alan Khazei going negative and attacking campaign front-runner Martha Coakley.

"The stakes are high. ... But so far, the race has been like a friendly political poker game, devoid of the bare-knuckles, street-brawl politics that typically dominates in a high-caliber campaign in Massachusetts."

'Pags' Profiled

The Globe profiled Pagliuca in its series of features on each of the candidates. The article details investments Pagliuca led while working for Bain Capital. Ross and Moskowitz characterize the Celtics co-owner as the multimillionaire who acts like a regular guy:

"His clothes are often rumpled, his shirt half-tucked and collar askew. On game nights, he sometimes parks a 2005 Toyota Sienna minivan in a Celtics lot studded with glittering sports cars and sport utility vehicles. His wife had to buy him new suits for the campaign."

Candidate Tweets

While Pagliuca's profile sat on newsstands throughout the state Thursday morning, the candidate spoke about health care reform at a press conference, tweeted about it and posted a photo. All of the candidates are keeping their social media updates frequent as Election Day gets closer.

Seeking Female Votes

David Bernstein of the Boston Phoenix wrote a column about Capuano's strategy to win over female voters by leveraging endorsements from high-profile women.

"The Pelosi endorsement was, in part, a message to those women that, if such a high-profile female is supporting one of Coakley's opponents, so can you."

War Chests

The campaigns are filing their fundraising totals for this period. Here's what they've reported so far:

Capuano: Raised $1.8 million, has $1.1 million left.

Coakley: Raised $1.9 million

Khazei: Still calculating the total.

Scott Brown: Raised $290,000, has $175,800 left.

Jack E. Robinson: Still calculating.

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