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Here’s a brief look at what’s being said in the political and media world about the Senate race.

'The Boldest Move Yet'

"Steve Pagliuca has just made the boldest move yet in the US Senate race," Scott Lehigh writes in Friday's Boston Globe. Pagliuca held a news conference Thursday where he said that unequivocal support for health care reform should be a prerequisite for the Senate seat. In doing so, Lehigh says, Pagliuca "bet his senatorial ambitions on the hope that a plurality of Democratic voters will agree."

So, was it really the boldest move yet? WBUR's Fred Thys was also at the conference, and noted that, after coming out strong in his prepared remarks, "Pagliuca seemed to concede that the choice with which he confronted Capuano and Coakley is a false choice" — predicting that the health care legislation would probably not contain the anti-abortion language that might prevent his rivals from voting for it.

Oh, and on a hilarious note , Lehigh had this description of the candidate's style: "Pagliuca seemed more like a panda gently munching on a bamboo shoot than a panther pouncing on his prey."

Money Money Money

The Globe's Brian Mooney had a brief writeup of the candidates' campaign funds going into the home stretch. Stephen "Money Pags" Pagliuca raised significantly less cash than his Democratic rivals — $350,000 in the past seven weeks — but has not disclosed how much of his personal fortune he's put in since Oct. 8.

A Skeleton In The Closet?

A letter to the editor on Wicked Local: Swampscott questions the role of Martha Coakley (then Middlesex County district attorney) in the Fells Acre Preschool case.

"For Martha to take the stand she has either indicates she has as vivid an imagination as any conspiracy theorist, or that she made a cold blooded calculation that very publicly opposing commutation was in the interests of her career," the contributor writes.

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