Defeated, Depressed Democrats Regroup

Kaiser Health News offers a round-up of today's stories about how Democrats might rethink health care reform legislation after last night's shattering defeat of Martha Coakley by Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts.

Frankly, none of the scenerios seem terribly hopeful. Here's the Boston Globe offering lawmakers' divergent views on where to go from here:

"'It would be wrong substantively and politically for Democrats to try to pass the bill despite the election,' said Representative Barney Frank, Democrat of Massachusetts. 'I think we now have to begin some negotiations over a different bill.' He said the next step should be to see whether Republicans will make good on their persistent offers to start anew on a bipartisan deal."

Rep. Patrick Kennedy, son of Sen. Ted Kennedy, said he thought the best way forward would be to pass the Senate bill in the House and fix it later with reconciliation.

Brian McGrory has the single best take on the sordid drama in his Globe column today. Don't miss it.

And if you want more, here are Gail Collins and David Brooks blogging in The New York Times on the question: "What Now?"

What do you think Brown's victory means (or should mean) for national health care reform?

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