State Of The Union: Trouble For Dems

Ahead of tonight's State of the Union address NPR has a new poll that brings bad news to Democrats (like they needed more). Mara Liasson reports:

The poll holds plenty of danger signs for the Democrats. In one indicator studied closely by both parties ahead of midterm elections, likely voters chose an unnamed Republican candidate by 5 percentage points over the Democrat on a hypothetical congressional ballot.

And on health care reform, Liasson says, President Obama is particularly vulnerable. Those polled are annoyed on two fronts, she notes: "The survey suggests Democrats are being punished as much for not getting health care done as they are for what's actually in the bill."

Still, the notion that after coming so close to passing a health industry overhaul, Democrats are ready to give up, is particularly troubling to many of the president's constituents, including the New York Times editorial page.

Do you think there's still hope for national health care reform?

This program aired on January 27, 2010. The audio for this program is not available.


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