Audio Slideshow: New Exhibit Takes Visitors 'On The Road'

As Boston residents embark on summer road trips to destinations near and far, there's a similarly focused exhibit this summer at the Suffolk University Art Gallery. "On The Road" features a group exhibition of journals, writings and artwork inspired by experiences on the open road.

James Hull, the gallery director, says that artists “can be particularly responsive to the bombarding imagery that whizzes past on the highway. Descriptions of smells, extremes in temperature, distance and physical exhaustion connect with the audience through a combination of empathy and memory.”

"On The Road" features the work of artists Hannah Cole, Christopher Faust, Gretjen Helene and Douglas Weathersby. It is open until August 27.


Slideshow audio is taken from Gretjen Helene's "Epic Journey" installation.

This program aired on July 8, 2010. The audio for this program is not available.


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