Daily Rounds: Reform Maybe Not a Big Deal in Upcoming Elections; Patrick Channeling Dukakis on Costs; Health Care as Vampire

Justin McIntosh
Sucking the life out of the economyHealth care as vampire: a poignant plea from the Associated Industries of Massachusetts for everybody to step up and control costs before health care drains the life out of the economy.

Health care reform is not so bad, the public seems to be thinking. As this fall's elections approach, Time magazine suggests that people are so concerned about the economy that health care will not be much of an issue.

Mike Dukakis's fingerprints are all over Gov. Deval Patrick's efforts to contain medical costs, says Boston Globe columnist Steve Syre.

Sounds a little like the problem of high prices at Partners: Bloomberg Business Week writes about a California health care giant with hefty fees, and how health care reform may actually create more cost monsters.

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