Daily Rounds: Classroom Headaches; Risky CT Scans; Nurses Fight On

Migraines in Children Are Often Overlooked - Doctors say that "changes in a child’s sleep schedule, including getting up early for school and staying up late to study, as well as skipping breakfast, not drinking enough water and weather changes can all trigger migraines when the school year starts." (

CT Scans Can Increase Cancer Risk - Kaiser Health News One study, published last year in the Archives of Internal Medicine "projected that 29,000 future cancers will be directly attributable to the 57 million CT scans performed in the United States in 2007." " (

Cambridge Hospital group, nurses to resume talks - The Boston Globe "At issue is a roughly 40 percent reduction to the nurses’ retirement health benefits, imposed by the hospital group after the nurses’ union in June rejected management’s final offer to rework benefits." (Boston Globe)

This program aired on August 31, 2010. The audio for this program is not available.


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