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Daily Rounds: Reform's Effect on Health Costs; Big Premium Hikes for Small Businesses; State Obesity Rates Vary Dramatically; Community Hospitals Scramble

This article is more than 12 years old.

The good news is: federal health care reform is not expected to boost medical spending much. The bad news is: federal health care reform is not expected to cut medical spending. Two versions:
Health Plan Won’t Fuel Big Spending, Report Says - (The New York Times)
Healthcare overhaul: U.S. healthcare costs projected to continue to climb - (Los Angeles Times)

Despite Caps Small Businesses See Big Health Cost Increases - Industry News - Some small Massachusetts businesses see premium rates rise by 40 or 50 percent this year.(Conde Nast Portfolio)

Alarms on Mass. youth obesity - The Boston Globe Stunning differences between richer and poorer communities, with rates varying by a factor of four or five. (Boston Globe)

Community hospitals scramble to survive, stay independent - Can 120-year-old Quincy Medical Center make it in this financial climate? (USA Today)

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