De-Bugging Dinner: Foodies Go For Grasshoppers, Crickets And Moths

The latest in gourmet fare?
The latest in gourmet fare?

On the contrary, here's a story about the latest craze among early-adopter foodies: insects.

These low-fat creatures apparently appeal to the natural food crowd, and those who seek to "redefine eating," The Journal reports. Moreover: "There's some evidence it's spreading to a hipper crowd. Actress Salma Hayek recently talked about her penchant for ant eggs and grasshoppers on the Late Show with David Letterman."

The Brooklyn Kitchen, a store that holds classes and events, is hosting an $85-a-head insect tasting menu and drink pairing on Sept. 18. Its website touts Wax Moth Larvae ceviche, with a Brooklyn Lager. A smattering of Mexican restaurants across the country serve roasted grasshoppers in tacos or with guacamole. And a new yogurt shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn, has chocolate-covered crickets among its toppings.

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