Daily Rounds: Twentysomethings And Insurance; Kids And Concussions; Howard Dean On Reform; Cautions on Caritas

Returning To Parents' Insurance Raises Other Issues : NPR "Here's what a lot of friends my age and in the same situation are focusing all their energy on: transitioning from freelance — or part-time — to full-time work with benefits. Not health insurance."(NPR)

Phys Ed: Can Concussions in Kids Cause Problems Later in Life? - "When researchers looked at the electrical activity of the students’ brains, they found that the concussed athletes showed noticeably less activity in portions of the brain associated with attention."(

Howard Dean: Health Care Reform Will Succeed Without Individual Mandate "As a generation of experience in Vermont has shown, an individual mandate is not essential either to achieve near universality or to have a stable insurance market. While its true that the new federal law will expand health care coverage and make the system fairer if it contains an individual mandate, the most important changes will survive, and the bill will still achieve all of it's major goals even without a mandate." (Huffington Post)

Coalition urges further scrutiny of Caritas sale - The Boston Globe "In letters being sent today to Attorney General Martha Coakley and Public Health Commissioner John Auerbach, the coalition, organized by consumer advocacy group Health Care for All, urged officials to review the sale of Caritas to Cerberus Capital Management in a “deliberate, transparent, and inclusive’’ manner." (Boston Globe)

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