Daily Rounds: Nobel For IVF; Slow Insurance Uptake; Obstacles to Electronic Records; How Tired Are You?

Test-Tube Baby Pioneer Wins 2010 Nobel In Medicine : NPR "Approximately 4 million individuals have been born thanks to IVF," the citation said. "Today, Robert Edwards' vision is a reality and brings joy to infertile people all over the world."(

The Associated Press: Growing pains for a centerpiece of health overhaul "The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan started this summer isn't living up to expectations. Enrollment lags in many parts of the country. People who could benefit may not be able to afford the premiums. Some state officials who run their own "high-risk pools" have pointed out potential problems." (

Doctors, patients use smartphones, but can't make mobile connection - American Medical News "PwC says the inability of many practice and hospitals electronic medical records systems to integrate data from smartphones isn't stopping doctors from using them, but it is limiting their use."(

2 Brothers Await Broad Use of e-Medical Records - "To date, the push for a digital revolution in doctors’ offices has brought mostly frustration for the many companies big and small that are trying to conquer the field. Just ask the Doerr brothers — John Doerr, the well-known venture capitalist who was an early backer of Google and Amazon, and Dr. Tom Doerr, a physician and software designer."(The New York Times)

How tired is too tired? - The Boston Globe "One in five motor vehicle accidents is related to “drowsy’’ driving. The problem is that, like drunk drivers, most of us don’t recognize when we’re too drowsy to drive well."(Boston Globe)

And just in case you missed these over the weekend:

Antipsychotic Drugs - Side Effects May Include Lawsuits - (The New York Times)

Syphilis Experiment Is Revealed, Prompting U.S. Apology to Guatemala - A Wellesley professor brings to light an experiment that many consider worse than the infamous Tuskeegee. (The New York Times)

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