Daily Rounds: Costliest Patients; Caritas Grilling; Aspirin and Colon Cancer; Drug Rep Flattery; MIT's Gruber Vs. Tennessee Gov. On Reform

America’s Costliest Hospital Patients - "Some of the sickest patients can run up hospital charges as high as $18,000 a day, with average stays of almost three weeks, according to a new government report on the cost of hospital care." (The New York Times)

Judge grills Caritas on sale - "Caritas Christi Health Care’s underfunded pension liabilities were the focus of yesterday’s Supreme Judicial Court hearing on the proposed $895 million sale of the Catholic hospital chain to Cerberus Capital Management." (Boston Herald)

Low-dose aspirin may cut colon cancer cases, study says - The Boston Globe "A low dose of aspirin may reduce colon cancer cases by a quarter and deaths by a third, a new study found." (Boston Globe)

Dollars For Docs: Drug Co. Flattery Wins Docs, Influences Prescriptions : NPR "Drug companies train representatives to approach a narrow set of doctors in a very specific way, using language that deliberately fosters this idea that the doctors who speak are educators, and not just educators, but the smartest of the smart." (

Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen Attacks Health Care Reform ... And Gets It Wrong | The New Republic "The gist of Bredesen’s argument is pretty simple: Some firms will find it more attractive to stop offering insurance and let employees get coverage through the new insurance exchanges, where generous subsidies will be available. But the Affordable Care Act, which I've long supported, imposes strong penalties on firms that do not offer insurance, as well as sizeable tax credits for smaller firms that encourage them to offer." (

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