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Jeff Perry, Republican candidate for Congress, waves at a Primary Night watch party in Plymouth on Sept. 14. (AP)
Jeff Perry, Republican candidate for Congress, waves at a Primary Night watch party in Plymouth on Sept. 14. (AP)

On the South Shore and Cape Cod, Republicans are coming to the aid of their candidate in the 10th Congressional District.

This week, 10th Republican candidate Rep. Jeff Perry was hit with a bombshell. A woman who, as a 14-year-old, was strip-searched in Perry's presence in 1991 issued a statement saying he "should not be in a position of power." But voters who supported Perry before stand by him now.

"It wasn't him, No. 1, and it happened so many years ago. Why did she come out with it right now?" said Nancy Beaton at a forum at Weymouth High School Wednesday night.

"I think it's very unfortunate and all of that, but it doesn't involve the issues or the politics that are more important to me. It does speak to character, and hopefully, anyone will have grown through mistakes of the past," said Rose Cain, on Plymouth's main street Thursday morning.

"That's something that has been handled already, and there is no substantial proof that he was involved. He may have know about it, but that was a long time ago," said Paul Colletti at Niko's, a popular place in East Weymouth.

At the same time, the accusations against Perry have confirmed Democrats in their opposition to him. Sitting at another table at Niko's were Bob and Jean O'Neill, from Hingham.

"Having read that, it certainly has made up my mind that I would not vote for Mr. Perry," Bob O'Neill said.

"He did not admit this; he was forced to make this admission, his conduct in the past, and the fact that he covered it up for so long — I think it was a form of negligence," Jean O'Neill said.

Two polls released early this week revealed the race is too close to call. Saturday, Perry will be have another chance to measure his support at a rally in Dennis with the Republican candidate for governor, Charlie Baker.


This program aired on October 22, 2010.

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