Daily Rounds: Drug For 'Emotional Incontinence'; Health Reform Repeal?; Early Autism Therapy; Medicare Nursing Home Ruling; Medical Pot Docs

New Drug Approved For Emotional Incontinence : NPR The Food and Drug Administration has approved the first drug that could help people like Bailey who suffer from PBA. PBA is caused when disease or injury creates a malfunction in the brain circuits involved in expressing emotion. (

Health care repeal unlikely for GOP - The Boston Globe "Republicans are also aware that though the health care overhaul is unpopular, its component parts are quite popular. Simply repealing the entire act sounds better than allowing insurers to discriminate against children with preexisting conditions, or bringing back the days of lifetime limits on coverage, or telling insurers they do not have to cover dependents up to age 26." (Boston Globe)

Autism Therapy Beginning at 6 Months - The treatment is based on a daily therapy, the Early Start Denver Model, that is based on games and pretend play. It has been shown in randomized trials to significantly improve I.Q., language and social skills in toddlers with autism, and researchers say it has even greater potential if it can be started earlier. (The New York Times)

Medicare Coverage Standards Are Too Strict, Courts Find - Two federal courts have ruled that the Obama administration is using overly strict standards to determine whether older Americans are entitled to Medicare coverage of skilled nursing home care and home health care. (The New York Times)

Medical marijuana doctors help make pot available in California - Fourteen years since Californians passed the first-in-the-nation medical marijuana law, pot is not just for the sick. Hundreds of medical marijuana doctors, operating without official scrutiny, have helped make it available to nearly anyone who wants it. (USA Today)

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