Daily Rounds: Health Insurance Profits Soar; Fosamax Questions; Probiotics For Diarrhea; Public Against Obamacare Repeal; Menino Fights For Insurance Flexibility

Health Insurance Profits Soar, Dem Calls For Rebates "Health insurance profits are skyrocketing in 2010 compared to last year's returns and the outgoing chairman of the House subcommittee that oversees the companies is calling on them to return the profits to consumers in the form of premium reductions." (Huffington Post)

Fosamax Lawsuits Question Wide Use of Osteoporosis Drugs - "The trial is providing a palpable backdrop for a broadening debate among many doctors and researchers who are rethinking Fosamax and similar bone medications known as oral bisphosphonates, particularly as a treatment for women who have not yet developed osteoporosis." (The New York Times)

Medical News: Probiotics May Help Treat Acute Diarrhea - in Infectious Disease, General Infectious Disease from MedPage Today "One way to battle diarrhea-causing gut bugs is to introduce even more gut bugs, two major reviews found." (

Poll: Public mixed on GOP tax, health plans - "When it comes to the health care law Obama signed in March, just 39 percent back the GOP effort to repeal it or scale it back. Fifty-eight percent would rather make even more changes in the health care system or leave the measure alone." (Boston Herald)

Menino seeks more control over health insurance costs - The Boston Globe "Mayor Thomas M. Menino vowed yesterday to go to Beacon Hill to fight for a state law that would allow the city of Boston to save millions of dollar on health care insurance. Tweet Be the first to Tweet this! Yahoo! BuzzShareThis Menino said he could save at least $12 million a year if he gained the authority to shift a larger share of the city’s insurance costs from taxpayers to teachers, police, firefighters, and other city employees, retirees, and elected officials." (Boston Globe)

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