Daily Rounds: Berwick Grilling; Caffeine-Free Four Loko; Smoking Moms Have Criminal Kids; Mass. Drunken Driving Problem; A Billion Dollar Lupus Drug

Senators anticipate grilling Donald Berwick - Sarah Kliff - Berwick faces the Senate Finance Committee: "After requesting a hearing for months, Republicans will finally hear Berwick testify on the Hill on Wednesday morning — and they will unleash all their questions and criticisms on the man himself." (The Politico) Four Loko Maker to Drop Caffeine From Drinks - "The company that produces the Four Loko beverage said it will remove the caffeine and two other ingredients from its products after facing a cascade of criticism and regulatory scrutiny for producing the energy drinks, which combine high levels of the stimulant with alcohol." (The New York Times)

Study: Moms Who Smoke During Pregnancy Might Have Criminal Kids – TIME Healthland "Betty Drapers of the world, listen up. While research has already shown a link between maternal smoking in pregnancy and attention and behavioral problems in kids and teens, a new study from the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health finds a longer-term correlation: between smoking during pregnancy and eventual criminality in adult children." (

Feds say state lags in taking steps against drunken driving "Massachusetts ranks among the 10 states that have adopted the fewest measures to reduce drunken driving deaths, according to the National Transportation Safety Board." (Boston Globe)

Benlysta, Lupus Treatment, Endorsed by F.D.A. - "A federal advisory committee on Tuesday endorsed what could become the first drug approved in decades to treat lupus...Analysts expect Benlysta, which will be marketed with help from GlaxoSmithKline, to achieve more than $1 billion in sales." (The New York Times)

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