Radio Boston Today: CommonHealth On Pain During Sex

Pain during sex is astonishingly widespread — in a recent survey, one-third of women reported problems with it — but it's such an intimate concern that we don't usually talk about it.

CommonHealth's Rachel Zimmerman changed that: She courageously wrote two posts (here and here) that described her own experience and the pelvic floor therapy that has helped her and many others.

Today, Radio Boston will air a segment on pelvic pain and how to treat it, featuring pelvic floor physical therapist Jessica McKinney and urogynecologist Samantha Pulliam of Massachusetts General Hospital. Rachel will be doing a live webchat during the program with another urogynecologist, Eman Elkadry.

Rachel's posts have been viewed by thousands and commented on by dozens, mostly women thanking her for speaking out about this sensitive subject and making others aware of available therapies. The other day, I saw a woman, a stranger, come up to Rachel in the hallway and hug her in gratitude. Tune in to Radio Boston today at 3 p.m. for more on a topic that is clearly in desperate need of more air.

This program aired on November 17, 2010. The audio for this program is not available.

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Carey Goldberg Editor, CommonHealth
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