Daily Rounds: Day Care Infections; 'Medical Home' In Mass.; Endless Hospital Stay; Senior Moments

Children in Day Care May Be Healthier in School, Study Says - "Young children in day care get more ear and respiratory tract infections than other children their age, a new study reports. But once they reach elementary school, they are sick less often." (The New York Times)

More for less? "An experiment in medical care is rolling out at several Central Massachusetts primary care practices, and it could lead to changes in the way doctors care for patients and get paid. The Patient Centered Medical Home Initiative aims to put more resources in the hands of primary care practices while also prodding them to build teams to better manage patients and, ultimately, bring down medical spending." (

A hospital bill that’s tough to stomach - The Boston Globe"The saga of Kanti Prakash, 91, is a case of man bites dog. His family says he was kept in the hospital too long, for 2 1/2 years, long after his insurance ran out, leaving the family holding a bill for nearly $1 million." (Boston Globe)

Researchers seek a way to tell routine ‘senior moments’ from early signs of dementia - The Boston Globe "They don’t have a rigorous way to tell when a lapse is just part of normal brain aging, versus a signal of serious trouble ahead. Boston researchers are embarking on a new study that they hope will help distinguish between the two." (Boston Globe)

Democrats Ramp Up War On GOP Health Benefits : Shots - Health News Blog : NPR "Democrats are going after newly-elected Republicans — who have vowed to repeal the law — and are calling on them to forgo their government-subsidized health insurance." (

Editorial: Reining in health costs - Framingham, MA - The MetroWest Daily News "Before the budget process advances to the next stage - when talk turns to program cuts, layoffs and overrides - residents should demand straight answers on what their leaders are doing to keep health care inflation from dragging down schools and services." (

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