Daily Rounds: Uncontrolled Radiation; 900-Calorie Burgers, Yum; Big Bad Hips; Mayor Menino's Surgery Encore

A Pinpoint Beam Strays Invisibly, Harming Instead of Healing "Terri Anderson was given too much radiation last year while being treated for a benign tumor. She now suffers facial spasms. “I started having 12 to 14 of those a day,” she said. (The New York Times)

Oh, That Hamburger Is 900 Calories? Yes, Please : NPR "Ariely cites studies conducted in New York City after the city passed legislation forcing fast-food restaurants to post caloric information for consumers to see. The studies looked at the effect the information had on fast-food consumption. "They saw no effect," he says. "In one study, it actually went the other way around. People said, 'Hey, only 800 calories! Give me fries with that.' "(

BBC News - Big hips 'impair' women's memory, a study finds "Although carrying excess weight anywhere appears to impair older women's brains, carrying it on the hips may make matters worse, they say. The Northwestern Medicine team found "apple-shaped" women fared better than "pears" on cognitive tests." (The BBC)

Mayor Menino to undergo surgery — again "...a month after he grappled with an elbow infection, Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino will go into the hospital again this time for surgery on his right knee, the mayor's office said today." (Boston Globe)

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