Daily Rounds: Anorexia Kills; Penalties Up For Uninsured; EMR Triggers MD Panic; Traumatized Responders

Isabelle Caro, Model Who Battled Anorexia, Dies At 28 (New York Times) "Isabelle Caro, a French actress and model whose emaciated image appeared in a shock Italian advertising campaign in 2007 and whose anorexia and career were followed by others suffering from eating disorders, died Nov. 17, her longtime acting instructor said Wednesday. She was 28."

Uninsured in Mass. face higher penalties in 2011 - "Starting in January anyone aged 27 and older who makes more than three times the federal poverty level — about $32,500 annually — faces penalties of $101 a month or $1,212 for the entire year. That's up from $93 a month or $1,116 annually in 2010. Those aged 18-26 who also earn more than $35,000 annually face penalties of $72 per month or $864 annually, up from $66 a month or $792 annually in 2010." (Boston Globe)

The Doctor vs. the Computer -" As I type away, I feel like I’m doing the right thing, explicating my clinical reasoning rather than just plugging numbers into a formula. I’m midway into a sentence about kidney function when the computer abruptly halts. I panic for a moment, fearful that the computer has frozen and that I’ve lost all my work — something that happens all too frequently. But I soon realize that this is not the case. Instead, I’ve come up against a word limit." (

First Responders, Rescuers Come Forward With PTSD | WBUR & NPR "Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a condition closely associated with the battlefield. But Michael Ferrara developed PTSD without going to war — he spent three decades living and saving lives in Aspen, Colo., as a search-and-rescue man, ski patrol officer, paramedic and firefighter. After several years, horrific images from those rescues started playing over and over in his mind." (WBUR | 90.9 FM)

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