NEHI Goes Pure Acronym

A recent NEHI round table on patients who fail to take their medication
A recent NEHI round table on patients who fail to take their medication

It's pronounced "Knee high," as in "knee high to a grasshopper." A non-partisan, non-profit outfit based in Cambridge, it's a prominent member of Boston's rich brain trust of researchers and thinkers trying to figure out how to make the system of medical care better. And it's now shifting its name to pure acronym — that is, NEHI no longer officially stands for New England Healthcare Institute-- because more and more, it's going national.
From a fresh-off-the-presses release:

“The name change to NEHI from the New England Healthcare Institute builds upon a strong brand and better reflects the national scope of our work,” said NEHI President Wendy Everett. “We have been called NEHI informally for years and today we make it official.”
The name change to NEHI will be coupled with a marketing campaign called “NEHI: Taking It National.” The campaign supports events and activities related to NEHI’s research that will take place around the country in 2011 for NEHI’s members and other national health care stakeholders.
NEHI works within three broad areas to address key issues in health care: promoting medical innovation, improving quality and efficiency, and fostering wellness and prevention. As a member-based organization, NEHI brings together diverse perspectives from the health care community to find mutual solutions to shared health care problems.

NEHI's website is here. By the way, it's in good company. As I recall, BMJ used to stand for British Medical Journal, but now is considered simply BMJ. And AARP is "formerly the American Association of Retired Persons," though that may not comfort the new-minted 50-year-olds who get the dreaded AARP cards in the mail.

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