Daily Rounds: Health Law Uncertainty; Maternity Wards Closing; 10 Heart Disease Myths; 'You Stole Vertex!'

Health Law’s Uncertainty Leads to Worries on Care Limits - "With a court decision on Monday declaring the health care law unconstitutional and Republicans intent on repealing at least parts of it, thousands of Americans with major illnesses are facing the renewed prospect of losing their health insurance coverage." (

Why some maternity wards in hospitals are closing - "Some hospitals are closing maternity wards, saying that fewer births and growing costs make them a money loser. This Orlando Sentinel story explains one hospital’s decision to shut its unit after 18 years. It says: 'This is not just a local or regional phenomena,'"(Los Angeles Times)

10 myths about heart disease - "'There's a lack of awareness of what ideal cardiovascular health really is,'" says Ralph Sacco, president of the American Heart Association. While 35% of people surveyed say they're in good health, when quizzed about seven major health factors — diet, activity level, blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, blood sugar and smoking status — only about half of 1% hit all the targets for good health, he says. 'People think they're healthier than they are,' he says, making it less likely that they'll take steps to reduce their heart risks." (

Cambridge blasts Hub, state over Vertex goodies - "Cambridge city councilors are slamming Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino for “luring” Vertex Pharmaceuticals to South Boston — and criticizing state officials for providing some $60 million in aid to promote the move. 'Vertex Pharmaceuticals has been lured to the South Boston Waterfront by Mayor Menino, (which) could negatively impact (Cambridge) tax revenue, which could impact city services,” city councilors wrote in a unanimous resolution hammering “the aggressive manner shown by Mayor Menino and the city of Boston to attract business (at) Cambridge’s expense.'" (Boston Herald)


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