School Budget Plan Would Reduce Jobs, Seek More Equity

Boston Schools Superintendent Carol Johnson says a new funding plan could create more equity among schools.

The nearly $830 million budget proposal, offered by Johnson at a School Committee meeting Wednesday night, calls for funding of schools based on the students they serve, with more money going toward low-income, disabled or non-English-speaking students.

"Because it's not about what school you have or whether we funded you this way for 20 years," Johnson said. "It's what students do you have, what are their particular needs, and how do we make sure you have the resources to address those needs?"

Boston Teachers Union President Richard Stutman says the formula is a reasonable approach.

But the budget also calls for eliminating as many as 300 jobs, mostly through attrition and retirement. Stutman says those reductions would "set back" reforms and could force schools to cut programs.

"Although I don't think it's terrible for our members, I do think it's bad for the continuity and the disruption of our buildings," Stutman said.

This program aired on February 3, 2011. The audio for this program is not available.


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