Daily Rounds: Don't Drink The Rocket Fuel; Birth Picture Ban; Food Allergy Confusion; Senate Says No Repeal

EPA to limit rocket fuel chemical in tap water - The Boston Globe ("The Environmental Protection Agency is setting the first federal drinking water standard for a toxic rocket fuel ingredient linked to thyroid problems in pregnant women and young children, the Obama administration announced yesterday."

Cameras, and Rules Against Them, Stir Passions in Delivery Rooms (The New York Times) "Nationwide, photography and videography have been allowed in many delivery rooms for decades. But in recent years, technology creep has forced some hospitals to rethink their policies as they seek to balance safety and legal protection against the desire by some new mothers to document all aspects of their lives, including the entire birth process.
“Hospitals are struggling with it,” said Dr. Joanne Conroy, chief health care officer for the Association of American Medical Colleges. “Cellphones have exponentially increased the ability to take a picture — a high-quality picture — in a hospital setting.”'

Diet, Environment, and Children’s Food Allergies : The New Yorker “From an evolutionary-biology point of view, food allergy makes no sense at all,” Dr. Sicherer said. “It seems pretty clear that food allergy is a condition that resulted from the environment we created.” (The New Yorker)

Democrats Defeat Attempt to Repeal Health Care Law - "The vote was 47 to 51, with all Republicans voting unanimously for repeal but falling 13 votes short of the 60 needed to advance their proposal. Lawmakers in both parties joined forces, however, to repeal a tax provision in the health care law that would impose a huge information-reporting requirement on small businesses. That vote was 81 to 17, with 34 Democrats and all 47 Republicans in favor." (The Caucus)

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